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What is free-nycoins.online?

This website is an initiative by NYCFlash.me in cooperation with NYCoinStores.com and we are determined to spread New York Coin everywhere possible using the capacity offered by this technology. New York Coin arrives instantly and can go anywhere frictionlessly and permissionlessly. We offer a small amount for each sign up but as this technology spreads that amount will almost certainly become smaller as this technology comes into real use worldwide. Join us now and you can receive 1000. If these coins come into adoption by the world at large, 1000 New York Coin may actually become something. Why not share your email with us so you can hear more information about New York Coin and get some coins for your trouble? You have nothing to lose.

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  • Get a New York Coin wallet at the link attached.
  • Once your wallet has synced find your wallet receiving address.
  • Enter this address in the form with your email and the other info requested.
  • Click the Claim Your New York Coins Now button and you will receive them in your wallet within 24 hours. Warning: transactions are processed manually and are not always instant. If you don't receive your coins right away, don't worry but if you don't receive them within 24 hours send us an email and let us know at contact@free-nycoins.online. We will answer as promptly as we can within reason.

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PLEASE NOTE: Requests for coin are filled manually. If you do not receive it immediately do not be alarmed. Your request will be filled in the order it was received when we are open and ready to send out coins. There may be a delay of anywhere from 12 to 24 hours from the time you sign up.

Claim free New York Coin (NYC) now!

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